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The Fourth Transformation With Thinkers Robert Scoble and Shel Israel

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We are entering a big change in the way we do things. Now is a time when we will be able to look at an object and pull information about it in augmented or mixed reality through a set of glasses. Robert Scoble and Shel Israel have had the ability to see into the future and have the knack to explain that future well.

The idea of augmented reality may be barely on the mental radar for most people but those at the cutting edge of computer programming and app development have been exploring this fertile ground for many years. Thanks to their ongoing efforts both augmented reality and artificial intelligence is poised to radically transform our world.

The recently published book “The Fourth Transformation: How Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything” by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel explore the many Transformations of this exciting technological shift and in one chapter bring attention specifically to an exciting app developed to translate speech into American Sign Language (ASL).

Bridging the Communication Gap Between Hearing and Deaf People

Members of the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities have long struggled to find their place in a world built on the assumption that everyone hears equally well. This has left many people unable to access educational resources, career opportunities, entertainment, and even simple social outlets. “The Fourth Transformation” details an app called Holo Hear, which has several exciting features including:

  • Rapid translation of speech to sign language, which is displayed on the user’s preferred smart device
  • App compatibility with HoloLens, a special piece of technology that can display an avatar using sign language as well as subtitles
  • Integrated English language translation capabilities with potential for multi-lingual expansions

Although this app is relatively new, its rapid development and ease of use means that it is likely to become a commonplace piece of interactive technology. In this case, reality is augmented through the use of an avatar or subtitles that appear in response to aiming the HoloLens at someone speaking. This is a simple and intuitive use of sophisticated technology that will help bridge the communication gap experienced by many Deaf people.

Hopefully, HoloLens will incorporate close caption as an option with this.


Transformation Group

AR Technology has already begun to descend in our homes and offices, from the TV’s down to our smartphones. Robert & Shel are now consulting companies to deal with the disruption of mixed reality of next generation augmented reality from their book “The Fourth Transformation”.  If you would like to explore the ideas introduced in “The Fourth Transition”, Shel and Robert have developed a new website filled with additional content. Check out today!

A New World of Possibility

I am very inspired by the opportunities for personalised design made possible by augmented reality. For instance, although not everyone can drop by my workshop to see one of my handmade tables, they can see exactly what this unique piece of furniture would look like in their home with Tango, Google’s own take on AR. Tango is available on two smartphone models – the Asus ZenFone AR and the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro – so you would need one of these to see how a handcrafted table fashioned from quality reclaimed materials might look inside your home or office. You can be sure that more smartphones and other devices will be implementing AR technology very soon.

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