The portrait on this About Page is an AI-generated interpretation from MidJourney, not a photograph. It reflects how AI visualizes me based on a description. To ensure transparency, I must clarify that the image isn’t a direct representation but an imaginative view, illustrating the creative potential of artificial intelligence.


I have a fondness for robust coffee, even better when enriched with raw cream. But, it’s the cherished moments with my wife, daughters, and loved ones that truly fuel my passion.

Tech Journey

My foray into the tech world began in the late 1980s with my first computer, a DeltaGold featuring an 8088 processor. This passion led me to founding a hosting company, specializing in WordPress websites and deepening my expertise in ASP.NET.

Furniture Design Showcase

In 2016, I redirected my creativity into furniture-making, a hobby that soon saw me showcasing two of my tables at the esteemed Texas Furniture Makers Show in Kerrville, Texas

AI-Driven Designs

Integrating AI tools like MidJourney and ChatGPT, I create web designs that blend creativity with technology. These designs resonate with community preferences, showcasing the future of web development.

My Blog

Insights and Musings

Delving into My Reflections, Discoveries, and Captivating Ideas

Web Design Philosophy

Crafting Connections

A Journey Through Personal Insights and Professional Evolution on My Digital Canvas

This “About Page” employs a deliberate and strategic design to craft a narrative that resonates with the reader, both visually and contextually. The layout is rooted in the classic ‘F-pattern’ reading style, catering to Western audiences who typically scan pages from left to right and top to bottom. This natural reading flow is leveraged to introduce elements in a sequence that aligns with instinctive scanning behaviors.

The left column initiates the dialogue with a clear and forthright disclaimer, immediately establishing transparency and trust. Directly below, the personal tidbits section peels back the layers of professional accomplishments to reveal the human element, offering a connection point that’s both endearing and relatable.

In the center, the full-height AI-generated image serves as a visual metaphor—a bridge connecting the realms of personal and professional life. This central focal point is pivotal; it’s not just a feature that draws the eye, but it also symbolizes the synthesis of creativity and technology, a core theme that runs through your story.

The right column unfolds your professional narrative in a descending order of time. It starts with the ‘Tech Journey,’ chronicling the early days of your career, followed by ‘Crafting with Passion,’ which showcases the evolution of your creative expression. Finally, ‘A New Chapter’ closes the narrative arc with your most recent life-changing experiences, signaling growth and continuous evolution.

By employing a visual hierarchy, this design guides the reader’s attention across a multi-layered journey. It encourages a holistic view of your story, emphasizing the depth and breadth of your experiences. Each element is carefully chosen and placed not just to inform, but also to engage and inspire. This layout is more than just an innovative approach to web design—it’s a reflection of a life lived with purpose and passion, and it invites the visitor to understand and connect with the person behind the page.

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