New Perspectives: Personal & Business Insights

January 26, 2024

Hello there! I’m Kevin Tunis, a tech enthusiast with a penchant for craftsmanship and a journey that spans over four decades.

🖥️ **Tech Journey**: My foray into the tech world began in the late 1980s with my first computer, a DeltaGold featuring an 8088 processor. This passion led me to founding a hosting company, which offered services including hosting WordPress websites. For a time, my personal website ran on Graffiti CMS, a platform built on Microsoft ASP.NET. My experience with it not only deepened my understanding of ASP.NET but also paved the way for my transition to WordPress when Graffiti CMS was eventually discontinued. I was particularly impressed by WordPress’s capabilities and features.

🪑 **Crafting with Passion**: In 2016, I redirected my creativity into furniture-making, a hobby that soon saw me showcasing two of my tables at the esteemed Texas Furniture Makers Show in Kerrville, Texas.

❤️ **A New Chapter**: 2022 marked a significant turning point for me. After a heart attack, I recognized the strain of heavy-duty craftsmanship and revisited my tech roots, reigniting my love for coding and website hosting.

☕ **Personal Tidbits**: I have a fondness for robust coffee, even better when enriched with raw cream. But, it’s the cherished moments with my wife, daughters, and loved ones that truly fuel my passion.

🚀 **Let’s Talk Tech**: I’m always keen to discuss the latest in cutting-edge technology. If you’re equally passionate, I’d love to connect!

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