30+ Years in Tech & Web Design

Hello, I’m Kevin Tunis. Based in the picturesque Greer, South Carolina, I’ve dedicated over 30 years to the cutting-edge world of technology. While my journey has spanned various facets of the tech landscape, I’ve honed in on web design in recent years. WordPress, in particular, has become my tool of choice, propelling businesses into the digital limelight.

Beyond the screen, I have a penchant for working with my hands. My workshop is my sanctuary, where I painstakingly craft custom wood furniture. It’s a tactile contrast to my digital endeavors but echoes the same dedication to detail and craftsmanship.

For me, every day starts with the ritual of brewing a strong cup of coffee, enriched with a splash of raw cream. Yet, the true cornerstone of my life and work? My family. Their unwavering support and cherished moments together are the foundation of my drive.

Thank you for taking a moment to journey through my story. Whether it’s web design or another tech challenge, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. Ready to transform your business’s digital footprint? Let’s collaborate.